How to Order

Order your patterns, cotton and hooks by emailing your requirements if you have a multiple order, you want to pay by cheque, or you are not sure what will meet your needs and would like some advice.  Otherwise use the 'Pay Now' buttons to pay securely by card via Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account.)  If I think you have overpaid P&P, I will refund the difference via Paypal.

Ordering from Overseas - please email first for P&P costs before ordering and I will invoice you via Paypal.

Caring for your lace

Boatwomen would often boil their lace to clean and maintain it’s whiteness. Nowadays there are many products on the market, such as stain removal and whitener cleaning gels, which can be used to keep your lace looking white and clean.

If your lace is soiled, I would suggest using a stain remover or whitener, following the manufacturers instructions. Otherwise, hand-wash your lace using a proprietary detergent. Spin, or roll up in a towel and squeeze, after washing and rinsing your lace. I would recommend that you do not use fabric conditioner, but you may wish to use starch to help maintain the crispness and shape of your lace.

To keep your lace in shape, pull into shape whilst damp, and lay on an absorbent surface. You can pin it out to shape, if so desired, then cover with another absorbent cloth (e.g. a towel). Place some weights (e.g. books) on top, while it dries overnight. You may need to remove the weights and cover to enable complete drying out.

Your lace will come with a top border to enable pinning to shelf or wall-ceiling, edges. You can use white-headed pins to attach your lace, which can be ‘unhooked’ for washing. Alternatively, you may want to use velcro to attach your lace.

Window lace will have a threading border, as seen in the individual photographs, and thin rods or curtain wire can be used to ‘hang‘ your lace. - easy internet shopping

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